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Matt Hube is a Georgia criminal defense attorney and GA DUI lawyer serving Statesboro, GA, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas. When you have been charged with a crime in Georgia you need an attorney who is experienced and passionate at defending the rights of the accused. Statesboro DUI lawyers know that Matt fights aggressively to protect your rights and defend you against any criminal charge.

A Georgia criminal defense attorney must know the law, and have the wisdom, experience and insight into crafting the best defense for the facts of your case. Understanding how judges and jurors will understand and process information is an important trait of a Georgia criminal defense attorney. Matt has the experience and understanding to help you through this difficult time.

A DUI in Georgia is not the simple case it was in years past. Effective DUI defense today requires specialized training in the sciences behind field sobriety testing, blood testing, breath testing, and other common elements of a DUI case. Matt has this training, and is widely recognized by his peers as a knowledgeable and effective advocate for his clients.

Once you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia you have a limited amount of time to challenge the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. If you fail to file this appeal in time you will completely lose the right to challenge the suspension. It is important that you contact Georgia DUI attorney Matt Hube immediately after your arrest so he can begin preparing your defense, and preserving your right to drive, and your freedom.

Whether you have been charged with a DUI in Georgia, drug crime, theft crime, sex crime, or other criminal matter, contact Georgia criminal defense attorney Matt Hube for a free, confidential case evaluation. You need to understand the nature of the charges you face, and the consequences if you are convicted. You need an experienced and dedicated Georgia criminal defense attorney to fight for you in the courtroom. Contact him right now for a no obligation consultation.