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Blood Alcohol Test Defenses

One of the most difficult challenges in defending a Georgia DUI case is finding the right defense to a blood alcohol test result. Many different factors go into choosing the best defense: the type of test administered, your medical history, the steps used to collect your sample, the time between your last drink and the test, and others. Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube is well-acquainted with the various aspects of DUI defense and wants to use that knowledge to defend you.

There are three different chemical tests that police use to calculate your blood alcohol content, or BAC. The Georgia DUI breath test is the most common, as it is the fastest and most affordable method. The blood test is the second most common, and involves sending a blood sample to a laboratory for testing. The least common form of BAC test is the urine test, as it is the least accurate for determining BAC. Instead, the urine test is most often used for drug testing.

The type of defense your lawyer will use depends on your unique DUI case, but some of the more common ones are:

  • There was no foundation for the test result to be admitted into evidence;
  • Faulty or non-certified testing instruments were used to test the specimen;
  • The chain of custody cannot be proven (in blood and urine test cases);
  • Improper collection or storing of the specimen (in blood and urine test cases);
  • Failure to follow scientifically reliable, or legally required procedures for testing the specimen;
  • Failure to properly calibrate the machine used for testing;
  • Testing machine had not been regularly tested in accordance with Georgia law;
  • Test operator was not qualified to perform the test that was performed in your case;
  • The test sample was contaminated or cross-contaminated before or during the test process (in blood and urine test cases);
  • The test results did not take into account medical conditions that can mimic alcohol during the testing process.

Deciding which of these defenses to use involves an extensive and acute knowledge of the law as well as the various facets of Georgia DUI defense. Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube is committed to a continual learning of DUI methods and has  the experience you want in an attorney.

If you have been arrested with a Georgia DUI, call our offices today. We will review the specific circumstances surrounding your case and help build the perfect defense for you.