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Blood Warrants

In the past, drivers had the option of refusing to submit to any chemical testing (blood, breath, or urine) without accruing any penalties. Under certain circumstances, however, the police are able to obtain a warrant from a judge that allows them to draw your blood without your consent.

The government has gotten more aggressive at obtaining warrants in an attempt to cause more people to plead guilty. By giving themselves the legal right to force you to provide them a blood sample, they believe they can prevent you from hiring an experienced Statesboro DUI lawyer to defend you. Statesboro DUI lawyer Matt Hube wants you to understand your rights regarding blood warrants and how you can respond.

A blood warrant should only be issued if the police had probable cause to arrest you. If we can prove to the judge that no such probable cause existed, then any evidence gathered should not be admissible in court. Sometimes, this can leave the state without a case against you.

We can also defend you by challenging the accuracy of the blood test you were given. Sometimes thought to be the most reliable of the chemical tests, it is now coming to light that blood tests are just as unreliable as breath tests. In fact, many experts now believe that the blood test is even less reliable due to the way it is collected, stored, processed and tested. Scandals have erupted around many crime labs that were found to have improperly maintained machines, outdated or incorrect testing procedures, or simply sloppy work that focused more on quantity than quality.

Having your blood drawn—whether by warrant or of your own volition—does not automatically mean that you will be convicted. Statesboro DUI lawyer Matt Hube has extensive training and education on defending Georgia DUI cases and wants to put his expertise to work for you. Call the office today for a free consultation.