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Georgia DUI Breath Test

A DUI breath test is how the police typically measure your blood alcohol content if you are suspected of a DUI in Georgia.  The pages in this section of our site will teach you the most relevant information about DUI breath testing Georgia, and help you understand how we will challenge the validity of the breath results in your case.  There are other defenses to DUI breath test results that are not listed on this site.  Rest assured that if one of those defenses apply in your case, we will evaluate whether to use in defending you.

The most important thing you need to know about breath testing if you are being investigated for a DUI in Georgia is that you are not required to take the Portable Breath Test on the side of the road.  The Portable Breath Test is the hand held device the officer will hold to your mouth and ask you to blow through.  Learn more about the PBT and what you should do if you are asked to provide an air sample by reading our  Portable Breath Test page.

To learn what the Evidential Breath Test is, and your rights and responsibilities if you are ever asked to provide a breath sample read our Evidential Breath Test page.

Did you know that dentures, acid reflux, and countless other things both naturally occurring and foreign to your body can cause the machine to incorrectly measure your blood alcohol content?  It’s true.  In addition, there are a large number of ways in which the machine may provide a false reading even if you do not have any of these medical conditions.  Check out our Blood Alcohol Test Defenses page to see how we challenge the validity of breath, blood and urine tests.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, and provided a breath sample to the police officer, then contact Statesboro, GA DUI attorney Matt Hube right now for a confidential case evaluation.  Matt will show you how he challenges these cases vigorously on behalf of people charged with drunk driving in Georgia.  Contact him right now!