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Bulloch County, GA Criminal Attorney

Statesboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube wants you to know your rights if you are stopped or are investigated by the police. While most of us know the Miranda Warning from television shows, not everyone understands how those rights apply when you are stopped by the police. The police are only required to read you the Miranda Warning when you are in custody, and are being questioned. If you are not yet in custody, the police may ask you anything they wish. Police have been known to purposely delay arresting someone who is actively answering questions so they do not have to Mirandize them, even though the police fully intend on arresting them as soon as the conversation ends.

Police are well trained in how to get information from a suspect, and how to get those conversations admitted into court. Most citizens are not trained, however, on how to protect themselves against tricky, deceptive, or outright dishonest police questioning. It is generally illegal for you to lie to the police, but in most states the police are free to lie to you in order to solicit a confession or gather evidence of your guilt. There are numerous cases from around the country where police have obtained a confession by lying to a suspect and getting him to admit to crimes that it was later proved he did not commit. Many of these people spent years in prison before being exonerated.

When you are being questioned by the police you should not assume they are being truthful when providing you information – especially when they insinuate or outright state that they know a fact about the case. The first thing you should do when the police begin questioning you, or even ask you to come in for questioning is contact Statesboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube.

Matt can help you document the police officer’s questions, and advise you on whether you should cooperate with the investigation. Just because you are innocent does not mean you should cooperate. Innocent people have been convicted and locked in prison for years because of deceptive police questioning. Police are trained on how to ask questions in particular ways so that your answers will incriminate you in court. That is not to say that police are trained to gather false confessions, but when they use sophisticated interrogation techniques on innocent citizens, false confessions can occur, as well as false convictions.

Never talk to the police, or anyone else, about any crime you are suspected of committing without first contacting Statesboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube. Anything you say will be interpreted by numerous people, including the judge and jury, and you will have little or no ability to adequately explain to the judge or jury what you believed the officer was asking of you, and what you thought your answer meant. Contact him now for a confidential case evaluation.