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Bulloch County, GA Traffic Tickets

Statesboro, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube is ready to help you avoid the high cost of conviction for a Bulloch County, GA traffic ticket. Traffic tickets are a seemingly routine matter for the courts, but the cost to you can be significant.

Pleading guilty to a Statesboro, GA traffic ticket can result in higher insurance premiums, and other hidden costs. Every time you are convicted of a traffic offense there are points added to your driver’s license. Once these points accumulate, your license may be suspended. Some serious traffic offenses will add enough points to have your license suspended with one conviction.

Whether you have a Georgia driver’s license, or a driver’s license from another state, your privilege to drive in the State of Georgia may be suspended upon a conviction for a serious traffic offense in Georgia. If your privilege to drive in Georgia is suspended, your privilege to drive in your home state may be suspended as well.

In addition to being suspended for conviction of a serious driving offense, your license may also be suspended for failing to appear in court after you have been issued a Georgia traffic ticket. This failure to appear will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, and other penalties.

Most states cooperate with one another when it comes to enforcing traffic ticket court dates by suspending your license in one state when you fail to appear in court after receiving a traffic ticket in another state. Not all states agree on this – most notably California – but, the majority do. Thus, if you fail to appear for a Georgia traffic ticket court date, your driver’s license may be suspended even if you do not have a Georgia driver’s license.

Statesboro, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube can generally handle you traffic ticket case without the need for you to appear in court. If you miss a court date, however, it becomes more difficult to avoid having you appear in court. Contact Bulloch County, GA traffic ticket lawyer Matt Hube today for a fast and free consultation.