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Burke County GA Criminal Attorney

Waynesboro, GA is the county seat to Burke County, GA. Burke County is located in east, central Georgia. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, sexual crime, or other misdemeanor or felony, you need a Waynesboro, GA criminal attorney who is skilled and experienced representing people charged with criminal offenses. Contact Matt Hube today for a confidential case evaluation.

A DUI in Georgia is a serious offense, that requires your attorney to have skill and knowledge in the science behind DUI detection, as well as in the science and proper procedures behind proper blood, breath, and urine sample testing. The DUI breath testing machines are not error free, and any number of simple variables can cause fluctuations that will result in incorrect breath sample readings. Additionally, the field sobriety tests are based on studies conducted over a thirty year period. Understanding how those studies were conducted, and how the results of these studies are taught to law enforcement, is necessary for Waynesboro, GA criminal attorneys who have to educate judges and jurors on how those studies affect the reliability of the tests you took on the side of the road.

In addition to DUI in Georgia, drug crimes, sexual assault charges, and many other misdemeanor and felony criminal matters, your Waynesboro, GA criminal attorney must understand the Constitutional and legal rules and laws regarding police procedure, and how those affect the validity of why you were stopped, and how you were investigated by the police. Police must follow a specific set of rules and laws when they interact with citizens. If the police fail to follow these laws, any evidence they obtain against you may be suppressed at trial.

Waynesboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube understands the law regarding proper police procedures, and carefully scrutinizes every aspect of your interaction with the police, and their investigation to look for evidence that is unreliable in court. Unreliable evidence is evidence that is not relevant to the charges you face, was improperly gathered by the police, or was in some way otherwise influenced to create a bias in a witness. Judges are the gatekeepers of the courtroom, but will rarely, if ever, suppress unreliable evidence until your attorney challenges that evidence in a motion or other hearing. Contact Matt Hube today for a confidential case evaluation.