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Candler County, GA Traffic Tickets

Metter, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube wants you to understand your options if you receive a traffic ticket in Candler County, GA. While traffic tickets are routine events for police, he understands they are more than a minor inconvenience for most people.

If you are pulled over for a traffic ticket you are required to provide the officer with your proof of registration, insurance card, and driver’s license. If there are special conditions on your driver’s license, such as requiring you to wear corrective eyewear, or the use of a medical device, the officer will likely investigate that you are in compliance with those conditions.

While you may disagree with the officer that you were speeding or committed some other traffic offense, it is not a good idea to argue with the officer about his belief on the side of the road. Standing on the side of the road puts in the officer in a very dangerous situation, and the longer you keep him in that position, the more likely he will remember important details of your car stop if he ever has to testify about the stop at trial.

Most traffic tickets can be disposed of without you ever having to appear in court. If you have been issued a citation for a serious traffic offense under Georgia law, you may have to appear in court. When you call our office, we will be able to tell you whether you need to appear in court.

Contact Metter, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube right now for fast, friendly service. He will explain the simple process of getting your case reduced, or dismissed so you do not end up with points on your driver’s license, and higher insurance premiums. Contact him today.