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Chatham County, GA Criminal Attorney

Chatham County, GA is the heart of the Savannah, GA metropolitan area, with Savannah being the county seat. Savannah, GA is rich in history and remains a popular tourist destination. If you a visiting Savannah, however, and get in trouble with the law, you need a skilled and experienced Savannah, GA criminal attorney who can represent you against those charges. A DUI in Georgia has serious, lifelong consequences. Many other misdemeanor and felony convictions also carry stiff, lifelong consequences including the inability to obtain employment, loss of family, restrictions on travel, and many more.

A DUI in Savannah, GA can result in the loss of your license, your freedom, your job, and more. Most car rental companies will not rent their vehicles to people convicted of a DUI anywhere in the nation. Some will limit this restriction to a conviction in the last five years, but others may refuse to rent to you for life. You also may not be allowed to travel to various countries including Canada and Italy.

A conviction for a sex offense in Georgia will likely require you to register as a sex offender for life, and will limit the places you may live and/or visit. Many states have designated zones where those convicted of a sex offense in any state may not reside. Even if you move out-of-state after your conviction, you will likely have to register in the state in which you relocate. In many states you will be subject to surprise compliance inspections to ensure you are complying with that state’s laws on registration of sex offenders.

If you are convicted of a drug possession or sale of drugs in Georgia you may not be able to obtain student loans or scholarships, security clearances, or certain jobs that require background checks. Since most drug convictions in Georgia are a felony, you will automatically be ineligible for certain jobs that bar felons from employment for a set time period.

The best way to avoid the severe consequences of a conviction for a DUI in Georgia, sex offenses conviction, or drug conviction in Georgia after you have been arrested is to hire a skilled and experienced Savannah, GA criminal attorney like Matt Hube. Matt will help you understand the nature of the allegations against you, and help you prepare a strong defense based on Georgia law, criminal procedure, and the facts of your case. Do not wait to hire a lawyer until the last minute. Putting on a strong defense to a criminal case in Georgia requires a skillful defense oriented investigation to uncover facts and witnesses that may be missing from the police version of events. Contact Matt today for a confidential case evaluation.