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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

When you are in need of a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney call Matt Hube for a confidential case evaluation. A DUI in Georgia, or other criminal charge can carry lifetime consequences. In some cases you may need to accept a plea offer from the State, but before you agree to any offer, your case should be thoroughly reviewed for all available defenses. Many criminal convictions carry hidden lifetime consequences. Do not let your fear over what could happen to you in a criminal case push you to plead guilty before talking to our office.

Many criminal convictions have hidden consequences. For instance, a conviction for a DUI in Georgia will result in higher insurance premiums, restrictions on travel to Canada, and other countries, and will likely bar you from renting a car for a minimum of five years or longer. A conviction for certain sex offenses in Georgia will require you to register as a sex offender for life regardless of whether you continue to live in Georgia, or move out-of-state. Additionally, convictions for marijuana possession may prohibit you from obtaining certain financial assistance for college or other trade schools.

A Georgia criminal defense attorney must look at all of the evidence the police gathered in your case, including videos of any traffic stops, witness statements, and physical evidence, and look at how that evidence was gathered. The Georgia Supreme Court, as well as the United States Supreme Court have outlined specific guidelines on how police are permitted to gather evidence against you. If the police violate those guidelines, then we may be able to file a motion to keep that evidence from being used against you in court. This is generally done through a Motion to Suppress.

If you are currently under investigation you should contact us to allow us to help guide you through the police questioning and investigation process. Police are well trained to get you to provide evidence against you without you even realizing what they are doing. If you voluntarily provide statements or other evidence against yourself you usually are not allowed to later argue that you did not understand that you were giving up your rights. It is important to have a Georgia criminal defense attorney like Matt Hube help you through these stages of an investigation.

As a Georgia criminal defense attorney, Matt Hube will help you understand the nature of the charges against you, the range of punishment you may face if you are found guilty of the charges, and give you advice on the best course of action for you if you are being investigated or have been arrested. The range of punishment for a criminal charge in Georgia ranges from probation to the death penalty depending on the nature of the charge, your criminal history, and other factors. Do not wait, contact Matt Hube today for a confidential case evaluation.