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Defenses to DRE in Georgia

DRE is an acronym, meaning Drug Recognition Expert, or Drug Recognition Evaluator. This certification is becoming more and more popular in DUI cases across the country. Police officers are becoming certified DREs and performing a twelve step test on drivers that have little or no alcohol in their system and then arresting those drivers based on prescription medication that was taken hours prior to the stop. Savannah DUI attorney Matt Hube knows the flaws within the DRE process and can review your case if you call today.

The most common defenses to the DRE process are:

  1. The prescription medication that people use do not cause impairment, rather they restore the individual from an unnatural state to a normal state. The medications reduce impairment caused by medical conditions or illnesses;
  2. DRE officers are not properly trained or using improper equipment to measure a person’s pupils;
  3. The DRE officers do not know how an individual is at normal physical state, so they are unable to diagnose them as being out of that normal state, and then can not attribute that altered state to any chemicals other than alcohol;
  4. All of the DRE processes have not bee peer reviewed in the field of science, which is essential to any respected scientific finding;
  5. The DRE exam was not specific to a cause of an observed symptom;
  6. The DRE officer forms an opinion only after asking what medications you may be taking;
  7. Challenging the transportation, storage, and collection of any urine samples.

There are even more ways to challenge the DRE process in court. The most serious, though, is the simple fact that non-medical personnel are using quasi-medical exams to come to improper medical conclusions. DRE certified officers are not doctors. None of the tests they perform on individuals are medically accepted for the purposes and conclusions that the DRE officers are attempting to use them for.

If you have been arrested for a Georgia DUI based on a DRE examination, you need Savannah DUI attorney Matt Hube. Matt knows all of the issues with the DRE process and can analyze the evidence against you as well as the officer’s performance in administering any tests. Call today for a review of your case and get the best defense against a Georgia DUI.