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The DRE Twelve Step Process

A Drug Recognition expert will put you through twelve steps if you are suspected of a DUI or DWI due to substances other than alcohol. The DRE is supposed to be able to determine whether you are impaired and if you are, what type of drug you are impaired by. The process of examination by a DRE includes being asked many questions about any medications or drugs that you might have consumed, taking your blood pressure, an exam of our body for any marks of needles, measuring pupil dilation and testing them to light, as well as many other types of tests that seem medical in nature. Contrary to that, many medical doctors have rejected the conclusions that are drawn from these DRE tests. The steps and protocol simply does not accurately determine whether a person is under the influence of any chemicals other than alcohol.

What to do when pulled over for DUI

If you have been pulled over for a Georgia DUI and have been asked to allow a DRE examination, you should ask to speak with Statesboro DUI lawyer Matt Hube. Don’t agree to perform any tests or to leave the place where you were stopped. The police officer is not allowed to perform a DRE examination on the side of the road. IT has be be done in a controlled, enclosed environment.

When asked, you should not admit to taking any medications or other drugs. Any answer that you provide to the police can become probably cause to obtain a warrant which may mean they can forcibly draw your blood, which can be used against you as evidence at trial. Medications are intended to return you to a normal state due to a specific ailment. However, a State prosecutor and the police will attempt to use anything you say as evidence of you being guilty.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia based on a DRE examination, cal Matt Hube, Statesboro DUI lawyer right now! He is trained in all of the DRE protocols and can defend you against the evidence that the State and police will try to use against you in court.