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Drunk Driving Defense

Savannah DUI attorney Matt Hube has the knowledge and experience necessary to defend you against your Georgia DUI charge. Building a successful DUI defense involves reading between the lines of the police and lab reports to uncover any discrepancies that could help your case. Successfully defending a drunk driving case requires specialized training in defense tactics as well as police methods. Savannah DUI attorney Matt Hube has attended numerous seminars on DUI defense, including training in breath testing machines, urine tests, blood alcohol tests, and the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) programs used by law enforcement.

As the penalties for drunk driving have become more severe over the years, the caliber of DUI defense training has risen to the occasion. Seminars across the nation allow for lawyers to educate themselves on the latest laws and technologies and collaborate to figure out the best way to defend their clients.

Many people believe that blood testing is more reliable than breath testing.  The truth is, despite your blood test results, there are a number of defenses that a skilled Georgia DUI lawyer can use in court. Blood testing and breath testing are not as reliable as the government would have you believe. In fact, during a “blood” test, your blood is not actually tested! What’s tested is the air pocket between your blood and the top of the test tube.

If you have been charged with a Savannah DUI or Statesboro DUI, you don’t have to plead guilty, even if you “failed” a blood-alcohol test. Call the offices of Savannah DUI attorney Matt Hube today to find out how you can protect your legal rights and fight your criminal charge!