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DUI in Georgia

You may be concerned with what will happen to your driver’s license if you have recently been arrested for a first time DUI in Georgia. Your freedom and your future might be in the balance. Matt Hube, a Statesboro DUI attorney is here to help you. A Georgia DUI is a very serious crime with long-term consequences. Many people simply plead guilty to avoid long jail sentences and it is understandable that you may want your interaction with the State judicial system to end as quickly as possible. However, simply pleading guilty to a Georgia DUI can cost you for a lifetime. A skilled Statesboro DUI attorney, like Matt Hube, can offer you the defense you need against a DUI in Georgia.

The DUI laws in Georgia are very complicated and the State keeps making the penalties more severe. Many politicians get re-elected on promises of harsher penalties for DUI offenders. Some of the top prosecutors in the State make it to their positions by refusing to negotiate DUI cases, pressing the most severe penalties allowable by the law. Fortunately for you, though, the science behind every stage of the DUI detection process is very flawed. Those flaws present in the detection process combined with the major propaganda throughout the State that represents “No Refusal Weekend” and “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.” make it easy for the prosecution to persuade a jury of your peers to find you guilty and put you in jail. That is why choosing the correct Statesboro DUI attorney is very important.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, you will be processed at a jail and have a bond set. After you successfully bond out of jail and procure your car from impound, it might be easy to put off thinking about the charge you are up against for a few days. Don’t make that mistake! You only have 10 business days to challenge the automatic license suspension once you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Georgia. Your driving privileges in the state of Georgia are on the line. If you don’t file an appeal in time, you will never be able to appeal the suspension. For more information, visit the Georgia License Suspension page.

Next, a court date will be set for you. Hire Matt Hube, Statesboro DUI attorney, before your court date, and he will tell you whether you need to be present at the first hearing. It isn’t always necessary for you to be present at every hearing or court date for your case. Failure to appear at a mandatory hearing, however, will typically result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. So, make the best decision for your future and hire Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube today.

Once you have hired Matt Hube, he will begin his discovery investigation, including all available police reports, understanding your version of the events, as well as other independent investigations. DUI cases in Georgia are rarely won on one simple legal strategy. It is the facts of the case that drive these strategies, which is why Matt Hube’s investigations are crucial to your successful defense.

Once the prosecutor’s office and Matt Hube have completed investigations, plea offers will be discussed. After the very best deal has been negotiated, you will be able to review the plea offer as well as recommendations and advice on whether to accept or reject the offer. This decision is yours alone.

There are many decisions for you to think about as your case proceeds through the State legal system. A DUI in Georgia is a very serious charge, so it is imperative that you choose a Statesboro DUI attorney that has the ability to explain all of the decisions you have and help you choose the best options for your future. Don’t let a Georgia DUI ruin your life, make the smart decision, and call Matt Hube, Statesboro DUI attorney now.