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Emanuel County, GA Criminal Attorney

Swainsboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube wants you to understand your rights and responsibilities if you find yourself under investigation by the police. Emanuel County, GA criminal lawyers understand that people facing criminal charges are under a tremendous amount of stress. One of the best ways to deal with this stress is to work with an attorney who will educate you about the nature of the charges you face, and work with you to create a strategy that puts you in the best position to be found not guilty, have the charges dismissed, or negotiate the best plea bargain for you.

What you should do

When you find yourself under investigation you should immediately contact Swainsboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube for a confidential case review. Matt is experienced in helping people under police investigation. The early stages of a criminal investigation are often the most crucial.

Oftentimes Emanuel County, GA criminal lawyers will advise you to write down in a journal everything you remember about the situation for which you are under investigation. In these notes you should document everyone who may have information about the events, who was present, and list the activities you were doing in the time periods before, during, and after the event.

What you should not do

You should not talk to the police without Matt being present. The general rule is that you should never talk to the police. There are exceptions, however, to this rule. You should contact Matt before agreeing to talk to the police. What you say, how you say it, and what information you provide and do not provide will all be considered by the police, prosecutors, and jurors.

You should never lie to the police. It is generally not a crime to withhold information from the police, but it is a serious crime to lie to them. Remember, the police will review your statements for months or years to come, and compare it against other information they gather. If you lie, your lies will almost certainly be exposed.

You should not attempt to convince others to not cooperate or speak to the police. If there are witnesses to the events that you are under investigation for, you may be charged with witness tampering if you attempt to dissuade them from talking to the police.

You should not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney. Almost anyone you talk to can be called into court and forced to testify about anything you tell them. Even the people who would not be required to testify against you can be compelled to testify in special circumstances.

If you are under investigation, contact Swainsboro, GA criminal attorney Matt Hube before you cooperate with the police in any way. Matt will advise you of your rights and responsibilities when dealing with the police. Emanuel County, GA criminal lawyers will tell you that the sooner you have an attorney working on your side, the better result you will likely get at the end of your case. Contact him today.