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Evans County, GA Traffic Tickets

Have you ever wondered what about the difference between a Claxton, GA criminal attorney and a Claxton, GA traffic ticket attorney? Technically, they are the same thing. The difference most often lies in their experience and ability to try your case.

Many people use the term “traffic ticket attorney.” The reality is, however, that there is not a recognized distinction between a traffic lawyer and a criminal lawyer. A traffic offense is a criminal matter in Georgia. If you case goes to trial you need a skilled Claxton, GA criminal lawyer to represent you. If you simply want to plea bargain your traffic ticket you have to ask yourself, “Would the prosecutor be more likely to deal favorably with a skilled criminal defense attorney or someone who plea bargains every case?”

Plea bargains are not the same for every criminal defense lawyer who walks in the door. One factor the prosecution must look at is how skilled is the lawyer at handling criminal matters. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can make the prosecutor work extra hard to obtain a conviction, and can beat a case that a lawyer less versed in criminal procedure may lose.

Prosecutors are not more likely to deal favorably with their “friends,” than they are an experienced criminal lawyer. To do so would violate rules of ethics, and would require the prosecutors work harder on cases where skilled criminal defense lawyers are representing you. Prosecutors have large case loads. They simply do not have the time to dedicate hours, or even days to a simple traffic violation when they could use that time to prepare for more serious criminal matters.

If you have received a Claxton, GA traffic ticket, contact Matt Hube right now for skilled criminal defense representation. Matt will use his skill and experience to tell you the likely outcome of your case, and help you decide whether you should try your case, or negotiate for the best plea bargain you can obtain. Contact him right now.