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Factual Defenses

Georgia law may dictate the rules for a criminal case, but facts determine the outcome. No decent criminal defense attorney will use only one of the facts to build a case. Similarly, no judge or jury will make their decision based on a single fact, but will look at the entirety of the facts presented and how they relate. Savannah criminal defense attorney Matt Hube knows Georgia law and also knows how to use facts to build the best defense for you.

factual defensesThe best way to begin building your ideal defense is to make all of the evidence and information available to your criminal attorney. Some defenses only work if certain facts are true, and the strength of those defenses relate to other facts about the crime. For example, to argue self defense, your Savannah criminal defense attorney might consider the age, weight, height, and gender of the parties involved as well as personal history between the two individuals. Then, the smaller details about the case would fill in this general framework.

If you have been charged with a crime in Savannah or Statesboro, your Savannah criminal defense attorney Matt Hube will likely have you compile notes of everything you can remember about the incident, your arrest, and your history for him to evaluate. Although this information can be invaluable in building a defense for you, speak to Matt Hube before writing anything down. In some rare cases, the prosecution may be able to view your notes; your attorney will advise you on the best course of action.

Call Savannah criminal defense attorney Matt Hube today to see how he can build a defense for you. The facts that make or break a case—evidence, witnesses, etc.—erode and disintegrate as time goes by. Don’t wait! Call Savannah criminal defense attorney Matt Hube today to protect your rights!