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If You Refuse to Take a Breath Test

Although the Georgia Implied Consent law compels all drivers to submit samples for blood alcohol testing, this does not mean you should blindly agree to take a breath test if you are pulled over. Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube will guide you through the pros and cons of refusing the breath test so you can make an educated decision regarding your rights.

Refusal of the breathalyzer test does carry consequences for your driving privileges, namely, a year-long suspension of your driver’s license. Your refusal will also be brought up in court as evidence against you. This still does not mean you should willingly submit to a breath test.

Even after being acquitted of the criminal DUI charge, it is still possible to have your license suspended if you refused to take the breath test…and license suspension can carry lifelong consequences. The “burden of proof” is much lower in a Georgia driver’s license suspension hearing than it is in a DUI hearing, meaning that it is much easier to take away your license than it is to convict you of a DUI in Georgia.

If you have been arrested of a DUI in Georgia and if you have refused to submit to a breath test, call Matt Hube today to set up a free consultation. We will review your unique case specifics to build the best defense against a Georgia license revocation or suspension. You only have 15 days to fight your license suspension. Call Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube today!