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Jenkins County, GA Traffic Tickets

If you have received a traffic ticket in Jenkins County, GA you should know that if you do not hire an attorney to handle the matter for you, or appear in court, if necessary, and pay the ticket you face a lot more severe penalties. If you fail to appear in court, or do not hire a Millen, GA traffic ticket attorney to appear for you, your driver’s license may be suspended, a warrant may be issued for your arrest, and you may also face additional charges.

Traffic tickets such as speeding tickets, driving while suspended, driving without a valid registration, and other types of traffic tickets cannot be ignored forever. Once the ticket is entered into the police and prosecutor’s computers it will remain there until you resolve the ticket by either paying the fine, trying the case in court, or hiring a Millen, GA traffic ticket attorney to handle the matter for you.

We can often help you avoid having points added to your driver’s license, and thus, an increase in your insurance premiums for up to five years. You usually do not even have to appear in court.

Traffic tickets are costly enough, but if you forget to pay the ticket or hire an attorney to represent you on the ticket you will face a lot of additional costs. Contact us right away if you have received a Jenkins County, GA traffic ticket and let us get to work to have the ticket reduced so that you do not have points added to your license.

Contact Millen, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube right now let him remove the hassle from you. If you want to fight your ticket, we can do that as well. Matt is a highly skilled and experienced criminal attorney, and has tried many cases to both judges and juries. Don’t wait until the day before court, contact him right now.