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Liberty County, GA Criminal Attorney

Liberty County, GA is located in southeast Georgia. Hinesville, GA is the county seat. Interstate 95 runs through Liberty County, and there are a number of DUI and drug possession arrests made in Liberty county every year. Georgia State Patrol aggressively targets suspected drug interdiction carriers traveling through the state. I-95 is widely recognized as a drug trafficking corridor through the State of Georgia. If you are in need of a skilled Hinesville, GA criminal attorney to represent you for any misdemeanor or felony charge in State or Federal court, contact Matt Hube today for a confidential case evaluation.

There are websites all over the internet that discuss police drug interaction techniques and locations. Drug interdiction officers are trained to “Look beyond the stop.” This is simply another way of telling officers to not focus solely on the reason they stop a vehicle, but investigate further to see what other criminal activity they may discover during the time they have you stopped for a traffic violation. Civil liberty groups have long complained that police detain people for too long during these drug interdiction stops, and that such long detentions are a violation of your constitutional rights.

The United States Supreme Court has provided police and criminal defense attorneys some guidelines in determining when a drug interdiction stop violates the Fourth Amendment’s restriction against unreasonable searches and seizures, but has not made a bright line ruling on the amount of time an officer may detain you before violating your right to travel freely. Generally speaking, police are encouraged to ask you where you are going, where you are coming from, whether you are driving your vehicle, or someone else’s, and other questions that will give them an understanding of why and how you ended up at the location they stopped you. If the officer suspects you are not being truthful, or somehow otherwise being deceptive or avoiding answering his questions, he may attempt to launch into a more thorough investigation.

You have the right to travel freely without governmental interference unless you break the law, or in certain other limited circumstances, such as a Border Patrol, or DUI checkpoint. If the police stop you without a legal justification, all evidence collected against you may be suppressed. Without such evidence, the case would be dismissed. The police are also limited in time as to how long they may detain you even after they have stopped you for a legally justifiable reason. Any evidence they collect after this limited time frame may be suppressed.

Each criminal case must be carefully reviewed by a Hinesville, GA criminal attorney to check that the safeguards mentioned on this page, and many more, were followed by the police. Drug interdiction stops in particular require a careful evaluation of what the officer knew, and when he knew it, in order to properly build a defense at a drug possession or drug trafficking charge. Contact Matt Hube right now for a confidential case evaluation.