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Link Exchange

Link Exchange Information

We gladly provide link exchanges with attorneys across the nation. Please read our guidelines before submitting a link exchange proposal:

1. You should provide a full page of content containing 350 to 500 words. Pages with more than 550 words or less than 325 words will not be accepted.
2. Your keywords should comprise 2 – 3 percent of the overall content of your page.
3. Your keywords should be used in the first and last paragraphs of your page.
4. Your page may contain up to eight links to various pages of your website, but no link should be used more than once.
5. Your page may contain up to 3 images.
6. We will supply you with a page of content that meets these guidelines to be placed on your site.
7. Your page will usually be loaded onto our site within 48 hours after we have receipt.

If you are interested in exchanging links please contact our SEO company in order via email here. Contact Warhorse Marketing today!