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Long County, GA Criminal Attorney

Long County, GA is in the southeastern portion of the state, and was created in 1920 by constitutional amendment. The county is interestingly named after Dr. Crawford W. Long who is credited for creating anesthesia for surgery. The county seat is Ludowici, GA. If you have been arrested, and are in need of a Ludowici, GA criminal attorney, contact Matt Hube right now for a confidential case evaluation.

The State has the burden of proof in a criminal case. They are required to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you violated each element of a criminal law before you should be convicted. This proof can be circumstantial, or may be direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that requires the fact finder to infer that because one thing is true, that another thing must also be true. For instance, if the police have evidence that you cashed the check of a murder victim, but you deny knowing the victim, and you have no other explanation for possessing that check, then the fact finder may infer that you obtained the check from the victim at the time you murdered him. Of course, you have the right to remain silent, and to not speak to the police without first receiving advice of an attorney. A great number of cases are based on circumstantial evidence.

Direct evidence is evidence that tends to show you committed a crime, and does not require the fact finder to make any inferences about the evidence. Perhaps the most common form of direct evidence is witness testimony. Using the fact pattern from the above paragraph, let’s assume that a witness comes forward and testifies that he saw you kill the victim and remove the check from the victim’s wallet. The witness testimony is direct evidence, and the evidence that you then cashed the check is circumstantial evidence that bolsters the testimony of the witness.

When preparing for a criminal trial both sides must strategize which legal arguments, counter-arguments, and other tactical strategies to use in presenting and defending their version of events. While direct evidence is generally considered the most reliable form of evidence, circumstantial evidence can be very persuasive to judges and jurors.

If you are in need of a Ludowici, GA criminal attorney to defend you against any misdemeanor or criminal charge in municipal, state or federal court, then contact Matt Hube for a confidential case evaluation. Understanding what type of evidence will likely be used against you, and what type of evidence to present in your defense requires careful investigation of the facts of the case, as well as skilled, experienced planning of your defense. Physical evidence in a criminal case begins deteriorating and disappearing almost immediately after a crime is committed. The sooner you call, the better likelihood we have of successfully defending you against a criminal charge. Contact us right now!