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McIntosh County, GA Criminal Attorney

McIntosh County, GA is part of the Brunswick, GA metropolitan area. Darien, GA is the county seat. If you have been arrested for a criminal charge in McIntosh County, GA, you need a Darien, GA criminal attorney with the skill and experience to represent you in court. Not all criminal cases go to trial, but sometimes the consequences of accepting a plea bargain, or actual innocence requires a case goes to trial. Criminal trials are complicated, detailed events where one misstep can result in a conviction.

Nearly all criminal cases have become more complicated over the past decade, and continue to become more complicated today. With increases in science, new discovery tools for criminal defense lawyers, and an increasingly complicated set of laws, court rulings, and administrative rules, a successful criminal defense requires a detailed, defense oriented investigation, and thorough planning of the right defense strategy for your case.

There are several defenses to nearly every criminal charge including both legal and factual defenses. A legal defense is simply a defense that either excludes evidence, or requires the dismissal of charges based on the Constitution and law of the State of Georgia, or the United States. Some of these laws come in the form of United States Supreme Court rulings, while others are specific statutes enacted to protect citizens from overreaching by police or prosecutors. Still other laws are not laws in the truest sense, but are administrative codes that require police or other government officials to act, or refrain from acting, in particular ways. If it can be shown that any of these laws were violated, thus violated your Constitutional rights, then we may be able to suppress evidence that was gathered against you, or have the case dismissed entirely.

Factual defenses are those defenses built on the actions or words that form the basis of the criminal charge against you. Factual defenses may be best thought of as the “he said, she said” defenses, but encompass a much broader set of facts and circumstances. Juries, or judges who decide guilt or innocence, are supposed to evaluate the credibility of the witnesses and determine what they factually believe occurred, then apply the law to those facts. All criminal defense cases start with a careful review of the facts of the case. Legal defenses are then applied to those set of facts.

If you are in need of a Darien, GA criminal attorney to represent you, contact Matt Hube for a confidential case evaluation. Although criminal cases may be similar, one seemingly simple fact may decide the outcome of guilt or innocence. It is imperative that you have a skilled criminal defense lawyer like Matt carefully evaluate the facts and law of your case, before building a defense to the charges against you. Contact him right now.