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McIntosh County, GA Traffic Tickets

Darien, GA traffic ticket lawyer Matt Hube can often handle your routine traffic tickets with the court without you ever having to make a court appearance. You may have to make an appearance for more serious traffic offenses, but that is something that is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Nearly every driver gets a traffic ticket eventually. Issuing traffic tickets are a routine part of police work, and tend to generate a lot of money for the government. Still a conviction of a traffic offense can cost you a lot more in increased insurance costs, and create difficulties for you if you ever need to rent a vehicle.

McIntosh County, GA traffic tickets can often be mailed into the court along with payment of the fine and court costs prior to your court date. Doing this will, however, result in you being convicted of the offense, and having points added to your driver’s license.

You may usually represent yourself in court, but will be held to the same standards as licensed attorneys in things such as court procedure and the law. Representing yourself in any matter is generally not a good idea. You may accidentally waive some of your rights, or fail to preserve vital issues if you later decide to appeal your case.

If you have been issued a Darien, GA traffic ticket, or a traffic ticket in McIntosh County, GA at all, then contact Matt Hube for fast, friendly service. He will explain the procedure to you of having your ticket reduced so that points are not added to your driver’s license, and will represent you in court so that you do not have to appear. Contact him today.