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No Refusal Weekend

As more and more states are adopting the federal government’s No Refusal Weekend program, Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube wants to make sure you understand your rights under Georgia law.

You DO have the right to refuse to:

– Answer questions about whether you have been drinking
– Take a field sobriety test
– Submit to a portable breathalyzer test
– Submit to a breathalyzer test at the station (although you will face a longer license suspension)
– Answer questions about whether you have been drinking
– Allow the police to search your car
– Discuss anything with the police other than your license, registration, and proof of insurance.

You also have the right to speak to your attorney at any time, but you should not engage the officer in any conversation. Don’t tell them that you spilled a drink, or that you only had one drink, or give any other excuses about why you might smell like alcohol or why you might be driving poorly (“I’m tired,” etc.). There is no way to talk yourself out of being arrested for a Georgia DUI.

Even though you may have refused all field sobriety tests or breathalyzer tests, the No Refusal Weekend initiative allows the police to obtain a warrant to draw your blood for testing. You will not be able to refuse this test once the police have a warrant. However, if we can challenge the warrant, any evidence gathered as a result of that warrant will be inadmissible in your Savannah DUI or Statesboro DUI hearing or trial.

No Refusal Weekends are becoming more and more popular throughout the country as the federal government tries to crack down on drunk driving. However, the laws behind this policy are open to interpretation and warrants are often too-easily granted. It is important to know your rights before you are involved in a Georgia DUI; but if you have already been arrested, Statesboro DUI attorney Matt Hube can advise you on the best way to clear your record and regain your rights. Call Matt Hube’s office today!