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Out of State Licenses

If you have been stopped for a DUI in the State of Georgia and have a license from a different state, you need to know exactly how a DUI charge can affect your driving abilities. Call Matt Hube, Statesboro DUI lawyer, to learn more about whether your license from out of state will be revoked or suspended based on a charged DUI in Georgia.

If your license was issued by a state other than Georgia and you have been stopped by a police officer for a DUI in Georgia, your license could still be valid in your home state. It is likely, however, that Georgia will report your arrest and/or conviction for your DUI in Georgia to your home state, which will have consequences. No matter what the laws are in your home state, your driving privileges in Georgia will be suspended in accordance with Georgia law. Most states will take action against your driving privileges in the form of an administrative DUI license suspension and your license will be suspended in your home state due to a DUI in Georgia. Matt Hube will be able to assist you in finding a quality DUI attorney in your home state to dispute any administrative actions against your license.

In the end, you will have to defend your right to drive in both your home state and the State of Georgia. Whatever outcome you receive from one state is not legally binding in the other state. Furthermore, the procedures and laws can be very different, which could result in different results. However, if you win and retain your right to drive in your DUI in Georgia license suspension case, you have a much better chance of coming out as a victor in that same hearing in your home state.

Once your driving privileges have been suspended or completely revoked in Georgia, whether you have a valid out of state license or not, it is illegal for you to drive in Georgia. If you are pulled over while your license is suspended or revoked for a DUI in Georgia, you will have to face additional criminal charges. Other states that recognize the suspension or revocation you received in Georgia may also make it illegal for you to drive. Fighting a DUI in two states can be complicated, but a veteran Statesboro DUI laywer like Matt Hube can help you through the confusion and guide you to a positive resolution. He will explain all of your options, go over the process, and help connect you with a great attorney in your home state. Call Matt Hube today.