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Screven County, GA Criminal Attorney

Screven County, GA is located in east, central Georgia, and borders South Carolina. If you are in need of a Sylvania, GA criminal lawyer, then contact Matt Hube for a confidential case evaluation. Matt represents people charged with a Georgia DUI, minor in Possession of alcohol, drug possession, drug sales, sex offenses, burglary, as well as all other State and Federal misdemeanor and federal crimes.

A minor in possession of alcohol charge used to be a simple misdemeanor crime that did not have a lasting impact on your life and your ability to earn a living. Today, however, a minor in possession of alcohol conviction can have a lasting impact on your life. It may affect your ability to obtain student loans, rent a vehicle, and may be used to enhance a DUI charge from a misdemeanor to a felony in some states.

Do not assume that just because you may know someone who was convicted of a minor in possession of alcohol who did not suffer lifelong consequences that the same will apply in your case. Today’s minor in possession laws have changed, and a conviction today may have a more severe impact than a conviction did several years ago.

Likewise, a misdemeanor marijuana possession in Georgia conviction can also have lifelong consequences. While there is momentum to legalize marijuana possession, at least in limited amounts, throughout the nation, it is still illegal to possess marijuana in Georgia. A conviction for drug possession in Georgia may be used in other criminal cases in other states to enhance an otherwise misdemeanor case into a felony, or may be used as a sentencing enhancement to increase the amount of time you may have to serve in jail or prison.

All criminal convictions come with some risk of being used against you in other criminal and civil matters later in life. Of particular concern are the convictions that will bar you from obtaining student loans or scholarships, or restrict your ability to obtain employment or limit your right to travel. Some countries, such as Canada, will never let you enter their country if you have a DUI in Georgiaconviction.

Before you decide to plead guilty to any criminal case, contact Sylvania, GA criminal lawyer Matt Hube for a confidential case evaluation. He will help you understand the law that applies in your case, and, with your input, begin mapping out a defense strategy to put you in the best position to win your case at pre-trial or trial. With some cases, such as a DUI in Georgia, you only have a limited amount of time to file certain motions, or challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. Don’t wait, contact him today.