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Screven County, GA Traffic Tickets

Sylvania, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube wants you to understand your rights and options if you receive a traffic ticket in Screven County, GA. For most tickets you can simply pay the ticket by mail, or by visiting the courthouse in Sylvania, GA. You may also make an appearance and ask the judge to set a trial date, where you can usually represent yourself and make the State put on evidence that you are guilty of speeding or other traffic matter. If you represent yourself you will be allowed to question the police officer who issued you the ticket, but the normal rules of court procedure are not waived. You will be held to the legal standards demanded by the court. Or, you can hire Matt Hube to represent you.

If Matt represents you, you have the option of either trying to have the case reduced to a non-moving violation, or having Matt try your case. If your speeding ticket, or other traffic ticket is reduced to a non-moving violation you will not have points assessed against your driver’s license, and will not face an increase in insurance premiums. If you simply pay the ticket, or you try the ticket and are found guilty, then points will be assessed to your driver’s license, and you may face years worth of higher insurance premiums.

If you decide to hire Matt to have your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, you usually do not have to appear in court. There are certain cases, such as serious traffic violations, where the judge will require you to appear in court regardless of whether you have an attorney. Usually, however, these cases are quite rare.

If you have received a speeding or other traffic ticket in Screven County, GA, hire Sylvania, GA traffic ticket attorney Matt Hube right now to represent you. You will likely save hundreds, if not thousands, in increased insurance premiums and other costs. If you already have traffic ticket convictions on your driving record, and you simply pay the traffic ticket without having it reduced to a non-moving violation, you may face a license suspension. Don’t wait, contact Matt today.