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Tattnall County, GA Traffic Tickets

Reidsville, GA traffic lawyer Matt Hube wants you to know what to do if you are stopped by the police. Not all traffic stops are “routine” traffic stops. Police are trained to question you in a way to determine whether something other than a simple traffic violation is occurring.

You are required to provide the police a copy of your insurance card, proof of registration, and driver’s license. The police will often ask you additional questions about where you are coming from, going to, or who is with you.

While the police usually ask you these questions in conversational tone, they are actually conducting a roadside interview to determine whether they have probable cause to search your vehicle, or detain you longer than necessary based on the reason they stopped you.

Criminal and drug interdiction is a huge part of effective police work. Officers are trained to “look beyond the stop” with each vehicle they pull over. Looking beyond the stop requires the officer to ask questions, and attempt to develop suspicions into probable cause. If they develop enough suspicion, they will search your vehicle, or otherwise detain you for prolonged periods.

The best way to protect yourself on a car stop is to politely decline to answer any questions the officer asks you outside of giving him your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration. Even if you believe you have nothing to hide, officers can detain you for any reasonable time to determine if other criminal activity is going on in their presence. Reasonableness is determined by a number of factors, but can result in what most people would consider extraordinarily long time periods.

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