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Women’s Issues

There are unique challenges for women arrested for a DUI in Georgia that do not pertain to men. Typically, women are smaller in size than men and have a smaller lung capacity. Most DUI breath machines require a minimum amount of air in order to accurately measure a breath sample. If an amount of air that is not sufficient in volume is blown into the machine, the machine will register a failure to provide a sufficient sample, which may cause the officer to say a breath sample was refused. Savannah DUI lawyer Matt Hube understands the unique issues that face women when it comes to a DUI in Georgia. Call him today for a free case review.

Scientific study has shown that men and women who are of equal size and body weight that drink equal amounts of alcoholic beverages will produce different blood alcohol levels. Women will typically provided a higher result than men of the same size and weight. There are many factors that affect women differently than men when it comes to a Georgia DUI case. Here are some examples:

  1. Body fat – women usually have more body fat than men.  The average male body contains 68% water, while the average female body only contains 55% water.  This affects how quickly men process alcohol.  Water and alcohol mix and are distributed through the body and since men’s bodies contain more water, the alcohol in their system is distributed faster, and eliminated quicker than in a female body.
  2. Women metabolize alcohol slower than men – before any alcohol enters the bloodstream, the enzyme ADH breaks down the alcohol into acetate.  Since the level of hormones in a woman’s body fluctuates with her menstrual cycle, so does the ADH enzyme.  When a woman has a lower level of ADH in her body, more of the alcohol she consumes enters her bloodstream,resulting in a higher BAC than a male of similar height and weight.
  3. Body temperature – a woman’s body temperature rises during her premenstrual cycle.  Breath machines assume, however, that the air expelled into the breath machine is 34 degrees Celsius.  If the temperature is higher – as it would be with an elevated body temperature – then the machine will read the BAC as being higher than normal.  Studies have shown that a one degree higher temperature will result in a 6.9% higher BAC reading.
  4. Birth Control Pills – there is some evidence that suggests women who are on birth control pills will produce higher BAC readings than women who are not on birth control pills.  This is apparently due to the fact that these pills essentially trick your body into believing you are pregnant, and may raise your body temperature.

Despite the fact that women and men’s bodies process alcohol very differently, the breath test machines do not differentiate between breath samples from males and females. As you can see from the examples above, this can lead to severely biased results against women in Georgia DUI cases. If you need a Savannah DUI lawyer, call Matt Hube today for a case review.